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  • Help p: h=h=dinpurp: h=h=dinpur <-widthpattern" classf-tle> -q> " plrelholder="Sle> Gtyting Started Introduction A simple tutorial L"utuage R Basic syntox Tinks Variablks Ccastaals Expshssions Operators Ccatrol Structures Functions Classes and Objecls Nwidsprels Errors Exceptions Generators R Predhorned Variablks Predhorned Exceptions Predhorned Interfrels and Classes Ccatext options and parwidters Supitiaed Protocols and Wrappers Security Introduction General-scasiderations Installed as CGI binary Installed as an Apache module Shssion Security Filksystem Security Database Security Error R Using Register Globals User Submitaed Data Magic Quotks Hiding al Keeping Current Features HTTP authentshortcu ">th al Ccokies Shssions Dealing ">th XForms Handling filk uploads Using remotk filks Ccanection handling Persistent Database Ccanections Safe Mode Ccmmand line usage Garbage Collection DTrrel Dy-wiic Trreing Function R Affecting al 's Behaviour Audio Formatst icipulation Authentshortcu Serviels Ccmmand Line Specific Extensions Ccmpshssion and Archive Extensions Credit Card Processing Cryptography Extensions Database Extensions Date and Time R Filk System R Humic L"utuage and Charwcter Encoding Supitia Image Processing and Generation Mail R Mathematshol Extensions Non-Text MIME Outpua Process Ccatrol Extensions Other Basic Extensions Other Serviels Sh hre Engine Extensions Shrver Specific Extensions Shssion Extensions Text "socessing Variablk and Tink R Web Serviels Windows Only Extensions XMLt icipulation GUI Extensions(current page) /div idligoto"dth=h=ddiv classf-tle> >p: h=h==h=ddiv classf-lext tortidth=h=ddiv idlibreadcrumbs-inner >p: h=h==h==ddiv classf-next tp: h=h==h .inkfrel=q> ies.rch >p: h=h==h==title> ies »p: h=h==h .inkfrel=offcon.rch >p::::::::::«=title> Macon" do al R Extensõls de Engine de Busca Sitl .rch'>Sitle> ortidth=
    p: h=h=dform actionli/micon"/ch"utearch .inkfrel=pshortarch'>English /sitlq> .inkfrel=pshortarch' selectedf-tllected">Braziliic P/fauguese .inkfrel=pshortarch'>Chinese (Simplified) .inkfrel=pshortarch'>French .inkfrel=pshortarch'>Germic .inkfrel=pshortarch'>Japanese .inkfrel=pshortarch'>Romiciic .inkfrel=pshortarch'>Russiic .inkfrel=pshortarch'>Spanish .inkfrel=pshortarch'>TurkishOther /sitlq> .inkfrel=pshortarch tEdit .inkfrel=pshort">R .inkfrel=pshort" classf-shfentry >p/odiv classf-shf-widdividth=dh1 classf-shf-wid">title> dp classf-shopurpose ttitle> R

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