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(PECL gearman >= 0.5.0)

GearmanClient::addServerAjoute un serveur de tâches au client


public bool GearmanClient::addServer ([ string $host = [, int $port = 4730 ]] )

Ajoute un serveur de tâches à une liste de serveurs qui peuvent être utilisés pour accomplir une tâche. Aucune entrée/sortie sur un socket n'est faite ici; le serveur est juste ajouté à la liste.

Liste de paramètres


Le nom d'hôte du serveur de travaux.


Le port du serveur de travaux.

Valeurs de retour

Cette fonction retourne TRUE en cas de succès ou FALSE si une erreur survient.


Exemple #1 Ajout de deux serveurs


# Crée notre objet client.
$gmclient= new GearmanClient();

# Ajoute deux serveurs de tâches, le premier écoutant sur le port par défaut, 4730


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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

zhxq at zhxqweb dot com
11 days ago
Now there is still a problem.
When I DO added the second parameter to the code, it still gives me the error notice of "send_packet(GEARMAN_COULD_NOT_CONNECT)".
At first, I thought it was the problem of my code, so I tested another piece of code which isn't changed by me, and it is also the code sample which I ran for testing gearman. However, it still failed. Any help?
9 months ago
The addServer and addServers are unforgiving when any of the addresses are down. I tried using exceptions, but it does not quite work. Can you provide a working example to handle a list of servers where one or more is not running.

info at phpgangsta dot de
1 year ago
Since a few versions the port parameter is not optional anymore. I have version 1.1.1 of pecl/gearman compiled with libgearman 1.1.5, and I'm getting the following error:

send_packet(GEARMAN_COULD_NOT_CONNECT) Failed to send server-options packet -> libgearman/

This happens if you don't provide a port.

Just set the second parameter to 4730 and it is working again.
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