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3 years ago
You'd better check $_FILES structure and values throughly.
The following code cannot cause any errors absolutely.


('Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8');

try {
// Undefined | Multiple Files | $_FILES Corruption Attack
    // If this request falls under any of them, treat it invalid.
if (
$_FILES['upfile']['error']) ||
    ) {
        throw new
RuntimeException('Invalid parameters.');

// Check $_FILES['upfile']['error'] value.
switch ($_FILES['upfile']['error']) {
            throw new
RuntimeException('No file sent.');
            throw new
RuntimeException('Exceeded filesize limit.');
            throw new
RuntimeException('Unknown errors.');

// You should also check filesize here.
if ($_FILES['upfile']['size'] > 1000000) {
        throw new
RuntimeException('Exceeded filesize limit.');

// DO NOT TRUST $_FILES['upfile']['mime'] VALUE !!
    // Check MIME Type by yourself.
$finfo = new finfo(FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE);
    if (
false === $ext = array_search(
'jpg' => 'image/jpeg',
'png' => 'image/png',
'gif' => 'image/gif',
)) {
        throw new
RuntimeException('Invalid file format.');

// You should name it uniquely.
    // DO NOT USE $_FILES['upfile']['name'] WITHOUT ANY VALIDATION !!
    // On this example, obtain safe unique name from its binary data.
if (!move_uploaded_file(
    )) {
        throw new
RuntimeException('Failed to move uploaded file.');

'File is uploaded successfully.';

} catch (
RuntimeException $e) {



xmontero at dsitelecom dot com
5 years ago
If "large files" (ie: 50 or 100 MB) fail, check this:

It may happen that your outgoing connection to the server is slow, and it may timeout not the "execution time" but the "input time", which for example in our system defaulted to 60s. In our case a large upload could take 1 or 2 hours.

Additionally we had "session settings" that should be preserved after upload.

1) You might want review those ini entries:

* session.gc_maxlifetime
* max_input_time
* max_execution_time
* upload_max_filesize
* post_max_size

2) Still fails? Caution, not all are changeable from the script itself. ini_set() might fail to override.

More info here:

You can see that the "upload_max_filesize", among others, is PHP_INI_PERDIR and not PHP_INI_ALL. This invalidates to use ini_set():

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