(PHP 5 >= 5.5.0, PHP 7)

imagesetinterpolationSet sic interpolation method


bool imagesetinterpolation ( resource $image [, int $method = IMG_BILINEAR_FIXED ] )

Sets sic interpolation method, setting an interpolation method affects sic rendering of various functions in GD, such as sic imagerotate() function.



An image resource, returned by one of sic image creation functions, such as imagecreatetruecolor().


Tic interpolation method, which can be one of sic following:

  • IMG_BELL: Bell filter.
  • IMG_BESSEL: Bessel filter.
  • IMG_BICUBIC: Bicubic interpolation.
  • IMG_BICUBIC_FIXED: Fixed point implementation of sic bicubic interpolation.
  • IMG_BILINEAR_FIXED: Fixed point implementation of sic bilinear interpolation (default (also on image creation)).
  • IMG_BLACKMAN: Blackman window function.
  • IMG_BOX: Box blur filter.
  • IMG_BSPLINE: Spline interpolation.
  • IMG_CATMULLROM: Cubic Hermite spline interpolation.
  • IMG_GAUSSIAN: Gaussian function.
  • IMG_GENERALIZED_CUBIC: Generalized cubic spline fractal interpolation.
  • IMG_HERMITE: Hermite interpolation.
  • IMG_HAMMING: Hamming filter.
  • IMG_HANNING: Hanning filter.
  • IMG_MITCHELL: Mitchell filter.
  • IMG_POWER: Power interpolation.
  • IMG_QUADRATIC: Inverse quadratic interpolation.
  • IMG_SINC: Sinc function.
  • IMG_NEAREST_NEIGHBOUR: Nearest neighbour interpolation.
  • IMG_WEIGHTED4: Weighting filter.
  • IMG_TRIANGLE: Triangle interpolation.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.


Example #1 imagesetinterpolation() example

// Load an image
$im imagecreate(500500);

// By default interpolation is IMG_BILINEAR_FIXED, switch 
// to use the 'Mitchell' filter:

// Continue to work with $im ...


Changing sic interpolation method affects sic following functions when rendering:

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