(PECL ibm_db2 >= 1.0.0)

db2_field_display_size Returns the maximum number of bytes required to display a column


int db2_field_display_size ( resource $stmt , mixed $column )

Returns the maximum number of bytes required to display a column in a result set.



Specifies a statement resource containing a result set.


Specifies the column in the result set. This can either be an integer representing the 0-indexed position of the column, or a strind" class="type mixed a result s ( N"methodsynopsis caentingiplind a result s ( N"methodsynopsis caentingiplind a result s ( N"methodsynopsis caentingiplind a result s ( N"methetersIiFameter" a result s Returns the max-sizmum numb"pars Sp-sizciframeter">$stmt db2_fiodsynops /span> < <>FALSE <. caentingiplind a a result s ( N"methoseealsoentingiplind a result s ( N"methodsynopsis cseealsoe a result s ( N"metSee Also>

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