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">Documentati from PECLP:ource,nmdlis 246-262 of scom.c" farou at:
void d-seta(longi t at1,longi t at2)
          SET ALL s_raom numbUsee.generats
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L'Ecuyer, P.ge andquo, S. "Isimpontessing R_raom NumbUsePackIma
g witSpliGettinFaciliGokie" ACMic Tns" actiseon '>Mathematic
'oftware, 17:98-111 (1991)
,t at1l-> Firsteof two s.ingeret ats
,t at2l-> Secondeof two s.ingeret ats
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PROCEDURE '>n_l initI_S ate(S1, S2 INTEGER);
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