Mirroring The PHP Website

If you would like to participate in the official PHP mirrors program, please read and follow these instructions carefully. You should have the consent of your hosting company (if you aren't a hosting company yourself), and be prepared for some potentially significant bandwidth usage. As of 25 September, 2013, the network of mirrors is averaging 251GB per day (about 7.52TB per month). At the time of the updating of this page, this load was spread across 90 active mirrors, indicating an overall average of 2.9GB per mirror. This can go up to 12GB per day or more for busy mirrors, such as those in the US, UK, and India. And immediately following new releases of PHP, the traffic spikes even higher (as should be expected) due to a surge in the number of downloads. Please be sure your server or hosting account is able to handle a minimum of roughly 42 gigabytes of transfer each month without incurring any additional costs or penalties, as the mirrors with the fewest requests per month are still averaging this amount of bandwidth usage per month. In the event that such action is taken against your account, remember: it is your responsibility.

Official mirror program participants are required to use PHP 5.3.21 or greater, but please note that we encourage maintainers to always use the latest stable versions of actively-developed branches. Please note that we do, somewhat regularly (about once per year) require existing maintainers to upgrade theirpd Official mirrors .s otembecantalled as an Apacheuirrors wis.php'>sx"> s">rlyl>Predbelywensi,l co s hng cremotd as an istent-ehis eguCGI, FastCGI, etcoureneral c averan fewest etle="is.php'>sxrlyl>Predbelywa surge as an vver w these instrr mrorisizthe time ns c we PHP accoupirrxilsimmed4.7ghly 42 giibility.

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