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(PECL win32service SVN)

win32_query_service_statusQueries the status of a service


mixed win32_query_service_status ( string $servicename [, string $machine ] )

Queries the current status for a service, returning an array of information.



The short name of the service.


The optional machine name. If omitted, the local machine will be used.

Valorile întoarse

Returns an array consisting of the following information on success, FALSE în caz că este vre-o problemă cu parametrii, sau un Cod de Eroare Win32 în caz de eșec.


The dwServiceType. See Win32Service Service Type Bitmasks.


The dwCurrentState. See Win32Service Service Status Constants.


Which service controls are accepted by the service. See Win32Service Service Control Message Accepted Bitmasks.


If the service exited, the return code from the process.


If the service exited with an error condition, the service specific code that is logged in the event log is visible here.


If the service is shutting down, holds the current check point number. This is used by the SCM as a kind of heart-beat to detect a wedged service process. The value of the check point is best interpreted in conjunction with the WaitHint value.


If the service is shutting down it will set WaitHint to a checkpoint value that will indicate 100% completion. This can be used to implement a progress indicator.


The Windows process identifier. If 0, the process is not running.


The dwServiceFlags. See Win32Service Service Service Flag Constants.

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demers dot alex at gmail dot com
8 years ago
This function will return an array containing the above information as a return value, but if this fails it will return an integer which is a System Error Code. All the System Error Codes can be found here:

In my case, it returned 5, in which I immediately knew why and fixed the issue right away.

In the case of mnemotronic at netscape dot net, here in the documentation notes, it returned 1060 which is:

1060 (0x424)
The specified service does not exist as an installed service.

Again, it should not return FALSE, instead an System Error Code for Windows.
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