(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

ftp_renameRenomme un fichier sur un serveur FTP


bool ftp_rename ( resource $ftp_stream , string $oldname , string $newname )

ftp_rename() renomme le fichier ou le dossier oldname en newname, sur le serveur ftp_stream.

Liste de paramètres


L'identifiant du lien de connexion FTP.


L'ancien nom du dossier / fichier.


Le nouveau nom.

Valeurs de retour

Cette fonction retourne TRUE en cas de succès ou FALSE si une erreur survient. En cas d'échec (comme tenter de renommer un fichier inexistant), une erreur E_WARNING sera émise.


Exemple #1 Exemple avec ftp_rename()

$new_file 'somefile.txt';

// Mise en place d'une connexion basique
$conn_id ftp_connect($ftp_server);

// Identification avec un nom d'utilisateur et un mot de passe
$login_result ftp_login($conn_id$ftp_user_name$ftp_user_pass);

// Tentative de renommage de $old_file en $new_file
if (ftp_rename($conn_id$old_file$new_file)) {
"Renommage avec succès de $old_file en $new_file\n";
} else {
"Il y a eu un problème lors du renommage de $old_file en $new_file\n";

// Fermeture de la connexion

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User Contributed Notes 4 notes

Hugo locobyte at hotmail dot NO_SPAM dot com
15 years ago
Using "ftp_rename" to move files to other directories on server ftp
if(ftp_rename($conn_ftp, $xfiles[$i], "./dirx/".$xfiles[$i])) {
       echo "File $xfiles[$i] moved to ./dirx";
} else {
       echo "ERROR!!!. The file could not be moved";
#-->>h2m,  bye
Hazem dot Khaled at gmail dot com
11 years ago
to rename the file or folder you should use ftp_chdir to select the current directory on ftp server or you should write the full path to file in old name and in new name

Ex. 1
// open the folder that have the file
ftp_chdir($conn_id, '/www/ftp-filemanager/');

// rename the file
ftp_rename($conn_id, 'file1.jpg', 'new_name_4_file.jpg');

or write full path Ex. 2
// rename the file
ftp_rename($conn_id, '/www/ftp-filemanager/file1.jpg', '/www/ftp-filemanager/new_name_4_file.jpg');
alishahnovin at hotmail dot com
10 years ago
You want to make sure you check the existence of the new name before renaming files, because otherwise you could risk losing files. Just do a simple check with ftp_size with the new name. If it's !=-1, you're going to want to throw some kind of error, otherwise you'll be losing a file...
aventaria at hotmxxx dot com
11 years ago
This function isn't only able to rename files, but also folders. And it is not only able to rename them, but also move them, and, in the case of folders, their contents as well (so folders don't have to be empty to move). For example:

($conn_id, "./dir1/dir2/", "./dir3/");

Now the folder dir2 (which prevously was in folder dir1) has moved to the same folder as dir1, and it has kept its original contents (the content just moved along).
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