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For further information on COM read the » COM specification. You might find some additional useful information in our FAQ for PHP und COM. If you're thinking of using MS Office applications on the server side, you should read the information here: » Considerations for Server-Side Automation of Office.


  • com_create_guid — Generate a globally unique identifier (GUID)
  • com_event_sink — Connect events from a COM object to a PHP object
  • com_get_active_object — Returns a handle to an already running instance of a COM object
  • com_load_typelib — Lädt eine Typelib
  • com_message_pump — Process COM messages, sleeping for up to timeoutms milliseconds
  • com_print_typeinfo — Print out a PHP class definition for a dispatchable interface
  • variant_abs — Returns the absolute value of a variant
  • variant_add — "Adds" two variant values together and returns the result
  • variant_and — Performs a bitwise AND operation between two variants
  • variant_cast — Convert a variant into a new variant object of another type
  • variant_cat — concatenates two variant values together and returns the result
  • variant_cmp — Compares two variants
  • variant_date_from_timestamp — Returns a variant date representation of a Unix timestamp
  • variant_date_to_timestamp — Converts a variant date/time value to Unix timestamp
  • variant_div — Returns the result from dividing two variants
  • variant_eqv — Performs a bitwise equivalence on two variants
  • variant_fix — Returns the integer portion of a variant
  • variant_get_type — Returns the type of a variant object
  • variant_idiv — Converts variants to integers and then returns the result from dividing them
  • variant_imp — Performs a bitwise implication on two variants
  • variant_int — Returns the integer portion of a variant
  • variant_mod — Divides two variants and returns only the remainder
  • variant_mul — Multiplies the values of the two variants
  • variant_neg — Performs logical negation on a variant
  • variant_not — Performs bitwise not negation on a variant
  • variant_or — Performs a logical disjunction on two variants
  • variant_pow — Returns the result of performing the power function with two variants
  • variant_round — Rounds a variant to the specified number of decimal places
  • variant_set_type — Convert a variant into another type "in-place"
  • variant_set — Assigns a new value for a variant object
  • variant_sub — Subtracts the value of the right variant from the left variant value
  • variant_xor — Performs a logical exclusion on two variants
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User Contributed Notes 54 notes

tomfmason at nospam-gmail dot com
10 years ago
To get the cpu load percentage you can do something like this.

= new COM('winmgmts://');
$processor = $wmi->ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_Processor");
$processor as $obj){
$cpu_load_time = $obj->LoadPercentage;


To list current apache instances

= new COM('winmgmts://');
$processes = $wmi->ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_Process WHERE Name = 'httpd.exe'");
$processes as $process){
$process->CommandLine . "<br />";
$process->ProcessId . "<br />";


To run a php script in a background process

= "C:\\path\\to\\dir";
$php_path = "C:\\path\\to\\php.exe";
$file = "somescript.php";
//send time current timestamp
$cmd_options = "-t " . time();
$wscript = new COM('WScript.Shell');
$wscript->Run("cmd /K CD $php_path $dir\\$file  &  ", 0, false);


madon at cma-it dot com
15 years ago
I thought this excel chart example could be useful.

Note the use of Excel.application vs Excel.sheet.

print "Hi";
#Instantiate the spreadsheet component.
#    $ex = new COM("Excel.sheet") or Die ("Did not connect");
$exapp = new COM("Excel.application") or Die ("Did not connect");

#Get the application name and version   
print "Application name:{$ex->Application->value}<BR>" ;
"Loaded version: {$ex->Application->version}<BR>";

#$wkb = $ex->Application->ActiveWorkbook or Die ("Did not open workbook");
print "we opened workbook<BR>";

$ex->Application->Visible = 1; #Make Excel visible.
print "we made excell visible<BR>";

$sheets = $wkb->Worksheets(1); #Select the sheet
print "selected a sheet<BR>";
$sheets->activate; #Activate it
print "activated sheet<BR>";

#This is a new sheet
$sheets2 = $wkb->Worksheets->add(); #Add a sheet
print "added a new sheet<BR>";
$sheets2->activate; #Activate it
print "activated sheet<BR>";

$sheets2->name="Report Second page";

$sheets->name="Report First page";
"We set a name to the sheet: $sheets->name<BR>";

# fills a columns
for (
$i=1;$i<$maxi;$i++) {
$cell = $sheets->Cells($i,5) ; #Select the cell (Row Column number)
$cell->activate; #Activate the cell
$cell->value = $i*$i; #Change it to 15000

$ch = $sheets->chartobjects->add(50, 40, 400, 100); # make a chartobject

$chartje = $ch->chart; # place a chart in the chart object
$chartje->activate; #activate chartobject
$selected = $sheets->range("E