PHP 7.0.26 Released
BostonPHP (Every First Wednesday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
BostonPHP is the unofficial, highly biased and overly ambitious PHP Users Group for Boston and its surrounding communities. Our membership ranges from newbie-to-techie. We discourage RTFM attitudes and encourage you to come see what PHP is all about.

BostonPHP works in conjunction with BostonPHP Meetup, usually meeting the first Wednesday of every month for structured presentation at a local university or business location, and then typically moves on to a nearby restaurant/bar/pub for more informal discussion (aka drink beer).

BostonPHP has its own mailing lists (BostonPHPTalk) to facilitate interaction among members. It also hosts a number of SIG Forums, a Job Board , a BostonPHP Newsletter and member Blogs.


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